Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vince Young out in Tennessee, where will he land?

In a move that is sure to bring a smile to Jeff Fisher's face, it is being reported that the Tennessee Titans are planning to move on from quarterback Vince Young. Young, who fell out of favor with Fisher could be a fit for teams searching for a quarterback, but where would he be the best fit?

Arizona Cardinals-Another 5 win season will certainly ratchet up the heat on coach Ken Whisenhunt, Vince Young could be the gamble that either saves his job or ushers him out the door. One thing is for sure he cannot go into next season with John Skelton as his starting quarterback.

Minnesota Vikings-Could certainly fit into place with the Vikings, however, with Joe Webb showing some signs of life against the Eagles, will new coach Leslie Frazier be inclined to move forward with Webb, knowing that he has a grace period as a new coach.

Washington Redskins-Donovan McNabb was a disaster for the 'Skins this season and Mike Shanahan is kidding himself if he thinks Rex Grossman is the answer, however, would he bring in another quarterback like Young that is in the McNabb mold, especially one that has had issues with his head coach?

Buffalo Bills-Ryan Fitzpatrick did show some promise this year, however, he fell prey to the cold in the later weeks. With such a high draft pick, my gut would tell me the Bills would be more inclined to draft a quarterback and try and develop him.

San Francisco 49ers-Probably the best fit out there for VY with one caveat, Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh has to know if he takes this job, patience would definitely be thin among Niners fans, not only because of the high salary Harbaugh will command, but the talent level San Francisco has at seemingly every position but quarterback. Harbaugh has to know that Young could only make his ice thinner.

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