Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The most anticipated decision since "The Decision"

The best sports story of the day comes from Cleveland Ohio, where the hometown Cavaliers have offered a job to a homeless man with a voice made for announcing. The twist on this story is that the Cavaliers aren't the only sports entity bidding for Ted Williams' services.

When he first heard Williams' beautiful, bottomless voice, Kevin McLoughlin of NFL Films, which has chronicled pro football for nearly 50 years, knew he had to contact the unknown man.

"It's that voice," said McLoughlin, director of post-production films for the NFL told AP. "When he was telling his story, I said, 'That's what we do. This guy can tell a story.' Somehow, some way, I need to get a demo with him. He could be that diamond in the rough."

Of course Williams could go the Harry Kalas route, the legendary voice of the Phillies who also did voice over work for NFL Films, and if you have heard Ted Williams voice you have to hope he can multitask.

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