Monday, August 1, 2011

Should Ahmad Bradshaw fire his agent?

Twelve million dollars; that is the difference in the amount of guaranteed money given to New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw and Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams. Bradshaw had to be very excited when he saw Williams sign his monster deal last week, thinking that he would likely be in line for something similar, however, his patience ended up costing him and he was forced to take significantly less. What went wrong for Bradshaw? Well, he watched interested teams in the Dolphins and Redskins trade for Reggie Bush and Tim Hightower and the Bengals keep Cedric Benson, leaving really only the Giants to negotiate with and taking away all his leverage. Everyone knew that once the lockout was over free agency was going to be a mad dash and second tier free agents like Bradshaw and Williams were in position to cash in on a team looking to fill their roster quickly and get more than they probably deserved. Williams was able to get his monster deal, Bradshaw has to be disappointed, even if it was his desire to stay with the Giants. All is not lost for Ahmad, the best strategy he can employ now is to just keep what he’s doing. Let’s say the next couple of seasons he puts up something in the range of the 1500 total yards he put up in 2010, if I were his agent I would advise him to hold out. At that point Bradshaw will be close to 30 and it will likely be his agent’s last opportunity to get his client the big contract he should have gotten this time.


  1. So his agent should tell him to hold out huh. whatever happened to a contract is a contract? Why is it that when I sign a contract to buy a house for a set amount. Why can't I come back next year and say I want to hold out for a lower pay back amount? I am sick and tired of professional athletes signing a valid contract for x number of years and then have a fantastic season and now say I want more money! what about if you have a terrible year, can management come back and say you sucked we want to pay you less? I don't think so! How about we all go back to saying what we mean and having one's word be the most precious thing you could give a person? I guess I live in a strange place called normal town where people actually mean what they say.

  2. Actually, thats exactly what they do, they cut the player and the only money they keep is the guaranteed money. Do you think Jamarcus russell was able to keep his entire contract? No. If a player can get cut because they underperform, then they should be able to get a raise

  3. Ahmad Bradshaw does not = DeAngelo Williams,
    Not even close, Hence the contract, a very fair contract.