Friday, October 29, 2010

The Worst Sports City in America

With the report that there were still good seats available for tonight's Magic vs. Heat clash, can we call Miami the worst sports city in America? The Marlins regularly have less than 10,000 (and that's being generous) fans. Ever watch a Hurricanes game? Only time they have a respectable showing is when Florida State or Virginia Tech comes to town. Would anyone in Miami even know that the Florida Panthers are in their metro area? And while the Dolphins are not blacked out, it seems like a lot of those fans come dressed as empty seats each week. But is Miami the worst sports city in America, here are the MiniVanGundy unofficial rankings:

10. Columbus: Calm down Buckeyes fans, NHL expansion town that never seem to fit.

9. Oakland: Fans are passionate, but it's hard to stay that way with incompetent leadership, team and municipalities.

8. Cincinnati: It took Ochocinco going to the streets to sell out a game last year.

7. Charlotte: They lose an NBA team and cry about it, get another one and could care less.

6. Atlanta: Tonight's giveaway at Turner Field... tickets!

5. San Diego: Regular on the NFL blackout circuit, Chargers are tough to watch though.

4. Jacksonville: Here's how to guarantee a sell out everytime, just put a black tarp over all the empty seats.

3. Memphis: With their crime rate I wouldn't want to go to a game either.

2. Tampa: Tampa teams shouldn't feel bad, fans don't support any of them.

1. Miami: Maybe they shouldn't start the games until 2 a.m.

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