Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oregon not scared of the aura of Monte Kiffin

When you listen to the college football talking heads discuss this weekend’s Oregon vs. USC matchup, you will hear them put Oregon on upset alert because USC is three points away from being undefeated. Take a closer look and USC should be on pride alert. USC has given up over 30 points in three games this season something Oregon has more than doubled three times. Like it or not USC fans, but since Carroll left town the Pac-10 has gone back to it’s old ways, that is score first, score again then if we have enough time, play defense later, and the Oregon Ducks seem like the team best equipped to play that strategy to perfection and a national championship berth. Monte Kiffin is one of the greatest defensive minds of our time, however, this season has not been the greatest sample of his work. It would appear on paper that USC does not have the defense to stop Oregon, meaning this game could have shootout written all over it, my money is on the Ducks.


  1. Bring on USC! Chip Kelly has taken the right approach with this team since day one, here's how..