Friday, October 29, 2010

Magic vs. Heat: The most important basketball game of all-time… ever

Tonight, the Orlando Magic travel to Miami to take on the Heat in what will be an early litmus test for each respective squad. Orlando is coming off an 112-83 drubbing of John Wall and the Washington Wizards, while the Heat are asking “what should we do?” after a 1-1 start. Well we here at MiniVanGundy would like to present you with 5 reasons why this is the most important basketball game of all time.

1. Inspired the most apathetic fan base in America (South Florida).
2. Chris Bosh’s self worth will be at an all time high.
3. The FCC will be watching.
4. Has given Miami something else to talk about.
5. Stan Van Gundy will be looking dapper.

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