Wednesday, June 15, 2011

U.S. Open Preview: NBA Finals Edition

To all of you casual sports fans out there who only seem to turn the dial to golf when Tiger Woods is playing, the U.S. Open is this weekend at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland. Still three days later, all the talk in the sports world seems to still be revolving around the recently completed NBA Finals so with that in mind we give you a look at some of the principles in this weekend’s U.S. Open and there closest NBA Finals counterpart.

Lee Westwood – Dirk Nowitzki

Supremely talented Europeans. Lee, like Dirk (before Sunday night) has never really been given his due thanks in part to some close calls and heartbreak on the biggest stage. Westwood can take the next step with a major victory this weekend.

Rory McIlroy – Lebron James

Has all the talent in the world to win multiple championships. Could be immaturity, could be putting too much pressure on themselves, whatever it is they have yet to put 4 rounds (or quarters) together and win the ultimate prize.

Phil Mickleson – Rick Carslile

The elder statesman. Has always shown themselves to be a winner. Willing to take some risks to get the job done and seems to have a few more tricks in their bag than their opponents.

Dustin Johnson – Mark Cuban

Willing to go for broke to get to their goal. Also seems to have issues with authority (i.e. Mark Cuban vs. David Stern; Dustin Johnson vs. non-existent bunkers).

Rickie Fowler – J.J. Barea

Not the biggest guys out there or even the most talented, but they certainly are the flashiest.

Graeme McDowell – Dwyane Wade

They don’t always get talked about as much as those around them, but no one can take away that they have reached the top of the mountain.

Steve Williams – Chris Bosh

Have made a mark for themselves in their game, however, their ultimate task is to aid the brighter stars around them in getting to a championship level.

Bubba Watson – Jason Terry

No one around them will ever say they lack confidence, and what can I say… Chicks dig the long ball.

Luke Donald – Erik Spoelstra

Have spent a lot of time climbing the ladder and putting themselves at what seems like the top of their profession, to be taken seriously though, they need to take that next step.

Matt Kuchar – Brian Cardinal

A hairline joke would be too easy, not to mention cruel (and I don’t want or need that karma coming back to me). What I will say is that you have to admire how hard each of them works out there and they seem to be having fun doing it.

Tiger Woods – Kobe Bryant

Neither one of them make it to their sports biggest stage this year, and you have to ask yourself what it will take for them to get back to the top.

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