Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ranking the NBA Championship Hats 2000-Present

Winning an NBA title is the pinnacle of a player's career, a memory that will last them a lifetime. Some players however, might have their pictures a little more front and center than others based on the hat they are given to wear for their post game celebration. We examine that championship hats from all the NBA Finals winners since 2000 and rank them from best to worst.

1. 2007 San Antonio Spurs

Simple, clean and understated, much like that 2007 Spurs team.

2. 2001 Los Angeles Lakers

Phil Jackson's best Lakers team also deserved the best championship hat.

3. 2005 San Antonio Spurs

After a brutal and physical 7 game series with the Detroit Pistons the Spurs were rewarded with the number 3 hat on our list.

4. 2009 Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant's first title post-Shaq can be remembered even more fondly when he looks at this one in his trophy case.

5. 2008 Boston Celtics

A little louder and little more flashy, much like that championship team centered around the Big 3 in Boston.

6. 2002 Los Angeles Lakers

Simple but nothing is eye-grabbing or stands out, that's why it falls in the middle of our list.

7. 2004 Detroit Pistons

It works for that blue collar Pistons team, but imagine if that Lakers team with Karl Malone and Gary Payton would've won, could you imagine a Lakers logo on this hat?

8. 2000 Los Angeles Lakers

Loses points because of an identity crisis. This was the 1999-2000 NBA season and this design trended more towards the 1990 side of things rather than Y2K.

9. 2003 San Antonio Spurs

After running off 3 straight titles the Lakers were dominating the NBA and a lot of teams were just giving up, obviously the designers of this hat did as well and the Spurs suffered.

10. 2010 Los Angeles Lakers

I'm pretty sure if you go back and check the tape, Kobe did all his interviews with his hat backwards.

11. 2006 Miami Heat

Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry erased a lot of the painful memories from the 2006 NBA Finals by defeating the Miami Heat this year, had they won however, they'd always have the painful memories of this championship hat.

12. 2011 Dallas Mavericks

Can't do anything for Dirk and Jet on this one, pretty sure people at Adidas were sure Lebron James and the Heat were going to win it so they designed the ugliest hat they could think of to make the King look as silly as possible, he did a good enough job of that himself though with his performance against the Mavs.


  1. Got to rank that pistons hat #1, that dallas hat #2

  2. why are u hating on the heat mavs and lakers from 2010 those were some of the best hats on this list

  3. You are a dick faced moron. That is all.