Thursday, May 26, 2011

If being a coach of the Redskins was not hard enough...

Would you expect anything else from the Washington Redskins? A report is circulating today that the Redskins assistant coaches, all 17 of them signed a statement supporting ownership in the ongoing lockout against the players. The report says head coach Mike Shanahan did not sign the statement, however, as the team’s executive vice president he is considered part of management. The question here is why? Not only are you going against the players you demand trust, respect, blood, sweat and tears from, but you have openly come out against your peers in the coaching circle who filed their own statement (through the NFL Coaches Association) supporting the players. Someone dropped the ball here. With so much negativity surrounding the Redskins between the Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth debacles (and the prospect of John Beck or Rex Grossman being your starting quarterback), the best thing the mostly anonymous and unknown assistant coaches could do is keep their heads down, mouths shut and figure out how they were going to right the ship. Instead, they have managed to become a major story in what has been a relatively quiet week for the NFL. I ask again though, would you expect anything else from this franchise?

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