Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lottery numbers from the world of sports

With tonight's mega millions jackpot currently residing at approximately $355 million, lottery fever has captured the nation. We were fortunate enough to obtain some of the lotter numbers from figures in the world of sports.

Lebron James
2-Second banana.
3-Don’t you dare call him anything but a small forward
4-Everything was good until Game 5 vs. Boston
23-He told everyone this number should be retired so he’s hoping to be the only one to play it.
56-The highest number you can choose in Mega Millions and the approximate number of bad nicknames Lebron is going to give himself.
?-Still trying to figure out what he should do.

Brett Favre
0-How much effort was required for his cameo in There’s Something about Mary.
2-The number of interceptions in NFC Championship Games Favre wishes he could have back.
4-Did you see the Deadspin photos?
18-Number of guy who will break most of his records.
46-Approximate number of days Favre will hold ESPN hostage waiting to make his retirement announcement.
8-Number of the greatest iron man in sports.

Rich Rodriguez
1 the number of plays made by the Michigan defense this season (2 point conversion against Illinois)
2-Rich Rod got 2 more seasons at Michigan than he would’ve gotten at Alabama for the same results.
11-Closest he ever came to Ohio State
24-How many hours a day he wishes he would have never left West Virginia.
48-Number of states he is welcome in after his last two coaching jobs.
50-That’s five oh, as in call the police if he were to take the Pitt job.

Jim Harbaugh
1-Number of questions he answered from Michelle Tafoya last night.
2-Number of seconds he thought about taking the Michigan job.
6-Number of picks the San Francisco 49ers would like to trade up in the draft.
7-Number of wins Stanford can expect next season.
8-Number of wins it would take for the 49ers to make the playoffs in the NFC west.
49-Number of points he will try and hang on Pete Carroll every time they meet.

Do with these what you will but if you happen to win playing any of these numbers tonight, how about a little cut for us?

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