Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 punishments by the NFL for Brett Favre

With the news this morning that the NFL will be disciplining Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre in the next 48 hours, we have uncovered the Top 10 possible punishments commissioner Roger Goodell is considering levying against Favre.

10. Take Rachel Nichols place in Hattiesburg for Favre Watch 2011.

9. Permanent place on the cover of Madden.

8. Catch a bullet pass from Brett Favre.

7. Traded to the Redskins and having his 12 game start streak broken by Rex Grossman.

6. Has to star in a Law & Order SVU episode about himself and Jenn Sterger.

5. Get a new job with Fox Sports and discover he will be doing color commentary with Brad Childress.

4. One more throw in a NFC championship game.

3. Has to groom Aaron Rodgers to take over the Wrangler commercials.

2. When his jersey is retired in Green Bay it has to say Farve.

1. Isn’t going to Detroit 3 times in one season punishment enough.

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