Monday, December 6, 2010

If the college football playoffs started this weekend

Let's take a look at the final BCS standings and see what kind of matchups we might see if we were going to do the sensible thing and have a playoff in college football... you know since we might want to know who the best team is.

#16 Alabama at #1 Auburn: Why would anyone want to see a rematch of these two fierce rivals?

#15 Nevada at #2 Oregon: The Duck better be ready to do more pushups.

#14 Oklahoma State at #3 TCU: Classic matchup of great offense vs. great defense.

#13 Virginia Tech at #4 Stanford: Guess BCS got it right since these two are playing in the Orange Bowl.

#12 Missouri at #5 Wisconsin: Wisconsin might be playing as good as any team in the country right now, so let's give them a month and half off.

#11 Boise State at #6 Ohio State: After the comments by Ohio State's prez, why would this game even need to be played?

#10 LSU at #7 Oklahoma: Sooners fans have got to be more excited for the UConn matchup right.

#9 Michigan State at #8 Arkansas: Since Michigan State's Capital One Bowl matchup vs. Alabama is going to get such good ratings, why would we want to see this game.

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