Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sabermetrics vs. Slugging: Stats have been the Yankees doom

Interesting column from Bob Klapisch on how Joe Girardi's reliance on stats cost the Yankees last night.

That was the rationale for plowing through the inning, which soon reached its crossroads with a runner on second and two out. With an open base, Girardi again refused to listen to his inner voice, ignoring common sense to intentionally put the go-ahead run on base.

Why? Because of his maddening attachment to numbers. Girardi was uncomfortable with David Murphy's career 5-for-18 against Burnett, so he called for an intentional walk. Never once did Girardi consider what an extra base runner would do to Burnett's fragile psyche.

Girardi does know that Bill James works for the Red Sox doesn't he?

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