Thursday, October 7, 2010

College Football-Street Fighter 2 Edition

If your childhood was anything like mine, you spent a good portion of it playing Street Fighter 2 and watching college football, and in typical George Costanza fashion I’ve decided to combine two of the joys of my life into the ultimate by examining which college football teams correspond the best with Street Fighter 2 characters.


The best of the best, the champion; can finish you off with devastating combinations (see Ingram, Mark and Richardson, Trent) or throw fireballs when they need to.

E. Honda-Georgia Tech

Not intimidating at first glance, but can do a lot of damage by doing one move over and over again (Triple Option=100 hand slap).

Tell me this isn't annoying


Quick, electric, devastating offense if executed properly and you never know what color they are going to come out wearing (remember if you held down B you could make Blanka turn purple?).


Cocky, confident, All-American. They are better than you and they know it and they always make sure they look good beating you (Editor’s Note: could apply to Miami as well but USC has been the better team as of late, Reggie Bush scandal notwithstanding).

Ken-Ohio State

Always a solid choice, however you are never 100 percent comfortable when you pick them. They try to model themselves after Ryu, however, they always will be second choice.

Chun Li-Oklahoma

Devastating offense, has everything you are looking for, however in crucial spots seems to have trouble playing with the big boys.


Blue Collar, tough, not the quickest but if they get they’re hands on you, you are in a world of hurt.

Dhalsim-Boise State

Tries to beat you by stretching the field and throwing fireballs, but have you ever met anyone who really considers them a contender for the throne?


Prizefighter, and one of the bosses of the game. They can pack a real punch, however in recent memory seems to have been done in by a limited offense.

Vega-Texas Tech (Mike Leach era)

High flying offense that if executed properly will do a lot of damage, however, when push comes to shove they do not like to get hit.


The former champion, has lost a step but still can pound you. The scar on their chest is a painful reminder of the beating that Ryu (Alabama) gave them.

M. Bison-Notre Dame

Smug, arrogant, everyone is always gunning for them. Their time is over, yet they are unable to accept it.

Who are you going to choose?

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