Monday, October 24, 2011

Why you hate fantasy football: Week 7

The most hated player on your team.

Ryan Torain: owners should've known Shanahan would've killed any chances of him producing a worthy line after a disappointing line against the Eagles, however, the zone blocking scheme leads to delusions of grandeur which even yours truly fell victim to.  Don't be surprised if Torain has a few more decent performances though, I'm pretty sure Shanahan just likes to mess with everyone.

Runner up: Darren McFadden

Michael Bush put up 111 yards after run dmc went down, could've been an epic day.

The most hated player on your opponent's team:

Demarco Murray:  here's the situation, your friend gets up Sunday morning, looks at the waiver wire and sees Murray available and Tashard Choice available.  They choose Murray and proceed to not shut up until Fox's animation domination goes off the air.  

Runner up: Arian Foster

Might get some flak for not going with a member of Saints here, but you knew Brees and co. would take the Colts behind the woodshed.  Foster was so good, he made Ben Tate a decent pickup again.

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