Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Reason Lebron James isn't Michael Jordan

If I am not mistaken Lebron James is one of the most visible athletes on the planet. Lebron has said he wants to reach billionaire status and has taken great steps in extending his marketing reach domestically and globally. Lebron, however could learn a lesson in advertising in that when you are the most notable spokesperson for Company A, let's call them Nike, it is usually not a good idea to be spotted with the logo of Company B, let's call them Adidas, who happens to be Company A's biggest competitor. I give you example A, where you will notice Company B's logo (circled in green) front and center on the T-Shirt Lebron James is wearing.

Now I understand Adidas may be the official apparel supplier of NBA gear, however, there are always ways to get around that, especially when what you are wearing is under your direct control. Michael Jordan was notorious for never allowing himself to be in this type of situation as he famously used the American flag to hide the Reebok logo on his U.S.A. warmups during the gold medal ceremony of the 1992 Olympics.

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