Friday, May 27, 2011

Mavericks aim to reverse the curse of DFW

Seriously, how lucky do you feel if you are a casual sports fan living in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area? In the span of less than a year you are playing host in some form to the three most prestigious championships in American team sports: The World Series, The Super Bowl and now the NBA Finals. Now Mark Cuban surely hope this go around turns out better for them than for the Texas Rangers (and in 2006), and residents have to be feeling pretty confident the area will not be hit by a freak ice storm like it was during Super Bowl week. The biggest questions on their collective minds besides wondering if Lebron will guard Dirk or if Jerry Jones is going to give a toast at Tony Romo’s wedding is why the Dallas Stars aren’t holding up their end of the deal?

Editor’s Note: The Stars can lay claim to being the last major team from the area to win their championship

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