Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Will we see a 100 point game in college football this weekend?

TCU takes on New Mexico this weekend in what is their final chance to impress pollsters and the BCS computers. New Mexico is 1-10 on the season and shouldn't pose even a minor challenge to the Horned Frogs on Saturday. The question is, if (and when) TCU gets the chance to run up the score on the Lobos, what score will they name? TCU has to score some serious style points to maintain their slim BCS lead over Boise State, ensuring they will be the ones to slide into the championship game should Auburn or Oregon stumble on Friday. New Mexico has allowed under 30 points in a game only once this season and were beaten by the Ducks 72-0. This might be the perfect storm of ugliness, and do not be surprised to see Andy Dalton and the rest of the starters in the game late throwing the ball around. Not saying it is likely but the century mark is definitely possible.

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