Thursday, November 4, 2010

"I could care less" rings hollow coming from athletes

When did the phrase "I could care less" become the calling card of the postgame interview or press conference. Kobe Bryant could care less about the rest of the NBA; Randy Moss could care less about the media, Bill Bellichick could care less about what Randy Moss is doing and Lebron James could care less if you call him a point guard, just as long as Erik Spoelstra does not call him one. I understand getting caught up in the moment, but this whole trend is already beyond cliche. If you ask me, it does is a disservice to sports fans in general for athletes and coaches to care less about anything related to them and their sport. These figures are in the position they are in because they care more and worked hard to get where they are at today and for them to say otherwise rings hollow and untrue.

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