Monday, October 11, 2010

NFC East Report: McNabb changing Redskins attitude

Five weeks into the NFL season and it seems that no division is completely sure which team is the cream of the crop. This is nothing new in the NFC East which seems to come down to the wire every year. What does seem to be new is the Redskins winning close games, we caught up with Kevin Ewoldt: managing editor of Hogs Haven to get his thoughts on the outlook for the 'Skins moving forward...

On Donovan McNabb and winning close games:

These games are absolutely the ones we lost in previous years. If you look at our record last year, a lot of those losses were by fewer than one score. The difference with McNabb is he's a winner. He doesn't have the Super Bowl, but neither did most of the great QBs at McNabb's age (Steve Young and John Elway to name two). McNabb's leadership off the field is well-documented. The players rave about how much more confidence they have in Donovan...and each week we see that on the field. He's converting big plays, calling out defenive schemes, and coaching players. You can tell the Redskins WRs and OLinemen believe in him.

On the running game and the Clinton Portis injury:

There is definitely concerns with Portis out. He's always averaged a decent yardage per run plus he's one of the best pass blockers in the NFL. There are a lot of teams that can win without running the ball, but it's a concern...yes since our 2 top RBs weren't even on the opening day 53-man roster.

On the yardage given up by the defense (Redskins are ranked last in the NFL in total defense):

There is not a whole lot of concern about the yardage. The Redskins said they don't mind giving up short plays as long as points stay off the board. The Packers had over 200 yards in the first quarter and then they pretty much shut down Aaron Rodgers after that. If the Skins keep their opponents in the teens for points, we can win any game.

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