Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is the Kardashian run over?

With the proclamation of Dallas’ demise after Michael Boley’s hit on Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, can we safely say that the Kardashian championship run is over? Miles Austin has to be thinking, how did it all go so wrong? Coming into this season Dallas seemed to have all the pieces in place to make a serious run at the Super Bowl; a dynamic offense, a defense able to harass opposing quarterbacks and force mistakes, and a secret weapon in Kim Kardashian. For those of you unaware of the power the Kardashians have in the sporting world here is the rundown: Kim dates Reggie Bush, the Saints win the Super Bowl, Khloe marries Lamar Odom, the Lakers win the NBA Championship. It would seem to reason that when Miles Austin and Kim Kardashian started their romance, it put Dallas in a great position to be the first team ever to play in the Super Bowl on their home field. However, the romance has seemed to bring nothing but bad luck to the Cowboys. Perhaps there is such a thing as too much star (see what I did there) power, and after the path that Jessica Simpson’s career went down following her split from Tony Romo, maybe it would be better for all involved if Austin and Kardashian went there separate ways. Lakers beware...

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