Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Boise State question not being asked

Boise State gets another chance to impress the coaches and pollsters tonight as they get Tuesday night all to themselves in a game vs. Louisiana Tech. At this point it has to be pretty obvious to Broncos supporters that they will most likely end up on the outside looking in, with the computers likely to hand the championship berth to Auburn, Michigan State or Missouri (provided they finish undefeated). Utah and TCU would have worthy arguments as well, especially TCU who would boast a win over Oregon State (along with Boise State), a win over a team likely ranked in Top 10 at the time (Utah), and would have done it in a Mountain West Conference which I think most would argue is tougher than the WAC, however neither team’s chances are likely. Many are suggesting that the fix is in to keep Boise State out of the championship game, and asking what will happen if Boise State gets left out? I think the more interesting question that nobody seems to be asking is what happens if Boise State gets in? What happens if Auburn, Michigan State or Missouri (teams from traditional power conferences and with tougher schedules than Boise State) gets passed over for the Broncos? What will happen if an outsider is able to successfully manipulate and play the system (designed to keep teams like Boise State on the outside looking in) against the powers-that-be? Could that be the catalyst to finally push for a playoff? Could it finally be what we have been hoping for?

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