Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A.J. Burnett vs. Tommy Hunter by the numbers

Yankees fans have to be cringing at the thought of A.J. Burnett taking the mound tonight (especially knowing that they have to win 3 straight games to avoid seeing Cliff Lee again in Game 7). Much has been made of Burnett's contract so we decided to take a look at the value each of tonight's starters have provided for their respective teams.

A.J. Burnett
2010 salary - $16,500,000
Record - 10-15
G - 33
IP - 186.2
K - 145
BB - 78
H - 204
R - 118
ER - 109
HR - 25
Tommy Hunter
2010 salary - $409,850
Record - 13-4
G - 23
IP - 128
K - 68
BB - 33
H - 126
R - 55
ER - 53
HR - 21

If you average it all out Burnett got paid $500,000 per game($1,650,000 per win). His average length was just under 5.2 IP, average strikeouts per game was 4.4, he walked 2.4 batters, gave up 6.2 hits, 3.6 runs, 3.3 earned runs and 0.8 homeruns.

Hunter on the other hand was paid $17,819.56 per game ($31,526.92 per win). His average length was also just under 5.2 IP, average strikeouts per game was just about 3 per game, he walked 1.4 batters, gave up 5.5 hits, 2.4 runs, 2.3 earned runs and 0.9 homeruns.

As you can see Burnett only has a significant advantage in stikeouts (and he should, he led the AL in strikeouts in 2008), Joe Girardi is putting a lot on Burnett's shoulders tonight probably because Girardi is afraid to put Phil Hughes out on short rest for the first time ever. If it doesn't work, Burnett will shoulder a lot of the blame, which is probably unfair, however if it does, the Yanks have got to feel good with C.C. Sabathia going again in game 5, win there and then all the pressure will come full circle to Phil Hughes in game 6.

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